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Equity and Diversity Statement

ONS Arts Education Programs

 2018-2020 - The Orchestra of New Spain has served:

10 DISD orchestra programs with 2200 student lessons taught by our own musicians
12 DISD dance programs involving 600 dance students
500 Summer Strings Camp students 
2 student productions of Misa Flamenca and 2 Love Conquers Impossible Love with 2000 students and teachers in attendance

Since 1996, ONS has impacted local arts education through its youth initiatives in conjunction with Dallas ISD.
Through this unique ongoing partnership, we are able to offer unique musical opportunities and engaging arts experiences to

schools that lack access otherwise. 

Support the Orchestra's educational efforts by donating or becoming a sponsor today!

DISD Educational Concerts

The Orchestra extends its reach to thousands of DISD students each year by providing an opportunity to attend the specially edited

45-minute student performances of our annual productions for free, thanks to our underwriting sponsors. The intimate 750-seat Moody Performance Hall provides a welcoming and encouraging environment where our artists have time and space to interact pre- and post- production directly with students. Translated and projected lyrics, in combination with our accompanying 2-page QuikReads booklet and occasional commentary by Maestro Wilkins, help guide young audiences through the dramatic story line and captivating visuals.

This is often the first live experience of any kind these students have both in the Arts District and with musical theatre, bringing the intersecting worlds of music, history, drama, dance, and languages to life onstage.

In-School Lessons & Summer Strings Camp

In 2011 the Orchestra of New Spain was asked to create a week long Summer Strings Camp, at which students receive 30 hours of orchestral and sectional rehearsals, theory and musicianship. There are three orchestras to meet the varying levels of the 4th to 9th grade students. The camp is provided to students for $25 and includes bus transportation, breakfast and lunch, a Camp T-Shirt, and a Thursday afternoon field trip to the Meadows Museum of Spanish Art. Bused from five neighborhoods to Emmet T. Conrad High School the Summer Strings Camp has grown from 95 students in 2011 to 250 students in 2017.


By 2013, it became clear that the younger students, 4th and 5th graders, came to our Summer Strings Camp having had no one-on-one instruction. While eager to participate they lacked the basic skills required: how to hold their instruments and bows, basic fingering positions, use of chin rests, reliance on teachers to tune their instruments. With support from the DISD Fine Arts Program the Orchestra developed an In-School Lesson program aimed at providing private and small group lessons—one to three students—in 20-30 minute sessions, given by our professionals in participating schools.

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