Did You Know...

The orchestra gets its name from the present area of Texas and Mexico which was originally called New Spain by the Spanish explorers. We present music from 'Old' Spain in the land of New Spain.


11615 Forest Central Dr.  Dallas, TX . Ste 305, Dallas, TX 75243

Pegasus Musical Society 501(c)3 dba Orchestra of  New Spain

2019-2020 Subscriptions 

Patron Double, $700 

(patron  double -- 2 people -- program recognition and $260 tax-deductible donation)




Patron Single, $350

(patron single -- 1 person -- program recognition and $130 tax-deductible donation)

Friend, $250




A subscription allows ticket giving privileges, priority seating in large venues, really priority seating for Love Conquers Impossible Love, an annual subscriber card, and the satisfaction of supporting the Orchestra of New Spain educational, theatrical and community projects!

Single Main Concert Tickets $25/Students $10 at the door, valid ID/Children free 


Programming subject to change. Subscriptions are Non-refundable.  

No PayPal account needed to purchase - click blue "Continue" button to purchase subscription with credit card.

We do not have physical tickets for our performances. You will receive both an automated PayPal receipt and an emailed receipt with other performance details.