2019-2020 Season Sponsors & Donors

THANK YOU to our 2019-2020 Season Sponsors!

Carlson Foundation

Richard & Enika Schulze Foundation

Hal & Diane Brierley

Don & Norma Stone

The Eugene McDermott Foundation

Benac Family Foundation

Raymond & Martha Quigley

Richard & Alice Stevenson

THANK YOU to our 2017-2018 Donors!

($25,000 and above)

Carlson Foundation

Richard & Enika Schulze Foundation


($10,000 and above)

Hal & Diane Brierley

Don & Norma Stone


($7,500 and above)

Benac Family Foundation


($2,500 and above)

Raymond & Martha Quigley

Richard & Alive Stevenson


($1,000 and above)

Alain & Cynthia Bellet

Matthew & Matilda Crowley Institute

Lisa Hart Willis


($500 and above)

Margaret Ball

Bill & Minnie Caruth

Alan Gold

Tara Lewis

Jo Carol Mason

Sam & Barbara McKenney

Armand & Marie Ange Sebban


($250 and above)

Ben Alvord

Elizabeth Bourgeois

Nigel & Deborah Brown

Sharon Cooper

Bobette & Clinton Dunn

Barry & Chris Green

Nora Loyd

Fran Maples

Tim & Ivy Mason

Anne Monson

Brad & Christi Rodgers

William & Janis Ryan

Jose Luis Sanchez

Angelica Tratter

Marnie & Kern Wildenthal

Michael Wilkins


($100 and above)

Dolores Barzune

Gordon Borsvold

Robert & Martha Cargill

Paul Chovanec

Joan Davidow

Ruben Esquival

Angela Orlino Gutierrez

Holly Hill

Rose & Edward Lewis

Marianne Miller

Kathy Fox Powell

David Reinig

Robert Rodriguez

Carolyn & David Rutledge


(up to $99)

Michael & Janet Buenger

Hector & Clara Hinojosa

Donica Jimenez

Michael Lemmon

Shirley McLean

Bennett Stokes

Nona Walker

Did You Know...

The orchestra gets its name from the present area of Texas and Mexico which was originally called New Spain by the Spanish explorers. We present music from 'Old' Spain in the land of New Spain.


11615 Forest Central Dr.  Dallas, TX . Ste 305, Dallas, TX 75243

Pegasus Musical Society 501(c)3 dba Orchestra of  New Spain