It tells you something about the low international profile of Spanish music that the pieces we most associate with the country... Bizet’s Carmen and Ravel’s Bolero... were composed by Frenchmen. Grover Wilkins and his Dallas-based Orchestra of New Spain are working to change that situation. - Scott Cantrell, Dallas Morning News

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The orchestra gets its name from the present area of Texas and Mexico which was originally called New Spain by the Spanish explorers. We seek to present music from 'Old' Spain in the land of New Spain.


Pegasus Musical Society 501(c)3 dba Orchestra of  New Spain



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Dallas, TX 75231-3440
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The Critics Have Spoken!

Of Windmills and Fairies

in the Soluna Festival, the Orchestra of New Spain, along with Avant

Chamber Ballet, honors Cervantes & Shakespeare.


…Choreography had the grace and charm of Baroque dance…”       

“...Wilkins didn’t draw hard lines between ballet and the sung music, creating a blending of the two very different elements…”

“…One of the joys of attending his performances over the past few years is to experience the growth of some of his singers, such as tenor Nicholas Garza and especially soprano Anna Fredericka Popova…”

 “…If you have never experienced Baroque opera, you owe it to yourself to catch a performance of ONS when they next produce such a concert…


-Gregory Sullivan Isaacs, Theater Jones


"...Colorfully costumed singers, vocal music sprung on dance rhythms, Avant Chamber Ballet added polished choreography..."

"...Period Instruments supplied their distinctive colors: the gentle sheen of gut-strung violins, the hollow-toned wooden flutes, valveless trumpets arresting but not too loud... led by artistic director Grover Wilkins, the playing was stylish..."
-Scott Cantrell DMN
Orchestra of New Spain Accepted for 2015-2016 Texas Commission on the Arts Touring Roster
ONS is one of 150 artists and arts companies selected for inclusion on the 2015-2016 roster and is appearing in San Antonio this season with partial funding from the State.  Those interested in our concerts and educational outreach may apply for a portion of the negotiated fee through Texas Commission on the Arts.


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Hodie si vocem eius audieritis
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Credo-Et vitam
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