It tells you something about the low international profile of Spanish music that the pieces we most associate with the country... Bizet’s Carmen and Ravel’s Bolero... were composed by Frenchmen. Grover Wilkins and his Dallas-based Orchestra of New Spain are working to change that situation. - Scott Cantrell, Dallas Morning News

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The orchestra gets its name from the present area of Texas and Mexico which was originally called New Spain by the Spanish explorers. We seek to present music from 'Old' Spain in the land of New Spain.


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Misa Flamenca
Seville & Dance
from Cathedral to the Street
with Danica Sena Flamenco

Dallas’ Orchestra of New Spain produces an original take on the traditional gypsy Flamenco Mass of Andalusia, transforming it into a blend of high culture of the Cathedral with the highly emotive flamenco dance of the Street. Inspired by the Spanish tradition of Los Seises (six altar boys) who perform a dance before the alter for Corpus Christi, this production places flamenco between the five parts of a magnificent baroque mass composed by Francisco Courcelle in 1750 a wedding celebration. San Francisco-based Danica Sena, award winning Spanish dancer, choreographer and teacher is creating new choreography for her company of Spanish flamenco artists Son y Tacon as well as for the dancers of Katie Cooper’s Dallas based Avant Chamber Ballet. Original paintings by Juan Carlos del Valle, a well known Mexico City based artist known for bold contemporary works (recently seen at the Dallas Biblical Museum), will be the projected backdrop for the program.

Show Times: 

Thursday, February 16, 7:30pm & Friday, February 17, 8pm | City Performance Hall

2520 Flora Street, Dallas

$75 / $50 / $25 / $10 student*